SB 277 heads to the Judiciary Committee!

Time to get back to the phone. The next vote is for the Senate Judiciary Committee, and with a new group of senators!

We all need to call these Senators to begin expressing support. You just have to state your name, your city, and that you stand with California PTA and school nurses in support of #SB277.

Our other goal for the week is to continue to increase our numbers. When you are done with your calls, write a letter and then PLEASE FORWARD this to three people, and ask them to sign up to support with us. Directing people to the site is important – we ensure that your letters get to the right people!

A little background on the vote – Senators Pan and Allen worked with the Education Committee this week and drafted amendments to clarify the bill and make clear that people who choose not to vaccinate their kids will still have lots of homeschooling opportunities available.  More information is available here.

We all share in our public health, and with #SB277 we are protecting our families and our communities. Thank you!!
Write a letter!

Vaccinate California