Take Action to Improve Our “Community Immunity” — Support SB277

Please join us in advocating for SB277. Our community needs your help today!

 SB277 Timeline   senate

  • April 8 –  Senate Health Committee Hearing – Approved by 6 – 2 vote!
  • April 15 @ 9 AM – Senate Education Committee Hearing **TOMORROW!**
  • April 21 (Tentative) – Senate Judicial Committee Hearing

Ways to Take Action:

*Attend a Senate Committee Hearing

*Submit an online letter to your representative using this form.

*Call or Email your senators on these committees to urge a yes vote on the bill. The most effective calls would be to these senators from their constituents (listed below). Phone calls should be short and respectful. No talking points are required; just telling the receptionist you are a constituent and calling to support SB 277 is enough. If you have friends or family in these districts, please encourage them to call their senators!

*Fax your personal or organizational letters of support now! Letters should arrive by Wed 15th BY noon!

*Tell others in your community: Call to Action–SB277 Flyer

*Tweet your legislators, post on their Facebook page.  Other people might see your messages and chime in.  It’s a small action that can help gather more support for what you’re trying to accomplish and engage those who might otherwise have stayed on the sidelines.

*Join the Marin Immunization Coalition Facebook Group!

*Follow Marin Immunization (IZ) Coalition on Twitter:  @MarinIZCo #vaccineswork & #sb277

Contact Information for Senators on the Committees:

Education Committee — Hearing Scheduled for April 15 @ 9 AM — Fax: (916) 445-7799
State Legislator Party Phone Number Email Counties
Carol Liu (Chair) D 916-651-4025 Senator.liu@senate.ca.gov Los Angeles, San Bernardino
Bob Huff (Vice Chair) R 916-651-4029 Senator.huff@senate.ca.gov Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino
Marty Block D 916-651-4039 Senator.block@senate.ca.gov San Diego
Loni Hancock D 916-651-4009 Senator.hancock@senate.ca.gov Alameda, Berkeley, Contra Costa
Connie Leyva D 916-651-4020 Senator.leyva@senate.ca.gov Los Angeles, San Bernardino
Tony Mendoza D 916-651-4032 Senator.mendoza@senate.ca.gov Los Angeles, Orange
Richard Pan D 916-651-4006 Senator.pan@senate.ca.gov Sacramento, Yolo
Andy Vidak R 916-651-4014 Senator.vidak@senate.ca.gov Fresno, Kern, Kings, Tulare
Judiciary Committee — Hearing Tentatively Scheduled for April 21 — Fax: (916) 403-7394
State Legislator Party Phone Number Email Counties
Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair) D 916-651-4019 Senator.beth@senate.ca.gov Santa Barbara, Ventura
Andy Vidak  (Vice Chair) R 916-651-4014 Senator.vidak@senate.ca.gov Fresno, Kern, Kings, Tulare
Joel Anderson R 916-651-4038 Senator.anderson@senate.ca.gov San Diego
Robert Hertzberg D 916-651-4018 Senator.hertzberg@senate.ca.gov Los Angeles
Mark Leno D 916-651-4011 Senator.leno@senate.ca.gov San Francisco, San Mateo
William Monning D 916-651-4017 Senator.monning@senate.ca.gov Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz
Bob Wieckowski D 916-651-4010 Senator.wieckowski@senate.ca.gov Alameda, Santa Clara

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